Thursday, March 5, 2015

The Thank You Series, Part 4 of 7

Today we continue the countdown to Spring 2015, the season during which I will drive this truck for the first time, after dreaming about it for 34 years. It would not be happening without the help of some very special people, and I wanted to recognize their contributions, so I came up with the Thank You Series.

Part 4 of 7: Dean
I've known Dean and his wonderful wife Sine since my karaoke hosting days many years ago. Sine would usually be singing something from the Rocky Horror Picture Show (with me sometimes joining in, although I refused to dress like Tim Curry), and Dean and I would always talk about my truck. "We'll have it on the road some day," I would always say. "Just bring me 20 grand!" He's got a killer red '67 Camaro that not only looks like it's doing 80 sitting still, but also does a serious burnout. I've seen it happen!

Dean's killer Camaro

After I had taken the truck's bed apart and needed welding help with the rear fenders, Dean was right there to say "Hey, bring 'em over. No problem." Thank you again, my friend! Can't wait to park this old thing next to you when we go cruisin'!


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