Friday, May 9, 2014

Surprise! Another Delay...

The rear drums sent by our friends at Possum Holler Garage in Tennessee match up perfectly. Unfortunately, the fronts don't and we won't be able to use them, so we're still on the lookout for the drums and hubs for the front. Regardless, I can't say how much I appreciate the help of Max and his crew. These are incredibly busy guys, and the fact that they were willing to take some time to help out this amateur hacker I think speaks volumes about the kind of people they are. Thank you again, Max!

I've reached out to a couple of places within driving distance to see if they would be able and willing to do a swap for the right drums, waiting to hear back. Also - My friend Rick has discovered this little beauty near where he lives in Massachusetts:

It's either a '49 or '50, which means it would have the front drums and hubs we need if it's all original. Looks to be in fairly good shape for its age. Finding out how many miles are on the truck would help to determine the probable condition of the drums. Of course, we'd have to get them off the truck before being able to tell for sure if they're good. Hopefully Rick will be able to get access to it and the owner will be willing to part it out. I'd be more than happy to make the road trip to get them if need be...


Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bed Sides Done

The bed sides are ready to rock! Just need to hit the bare metal spots with some primer... Except for a few nuts and bolts we now have all the parts we need! Next up is the brake job, getting my brother (the truck's former owner) up here to help put the bed back together, plugging in a new battery, making sure all the electrical is good to go, and gettin' down the road! Of course, I suppose we should register and insure the truck too...

A big thanks to my friend Alex from Lex's Customs for his help with the sides... You da man, Alex!