Sunday, September 3, 2017

Destiny's Truck

The photo on the left features the tree that almost flattened my dream. The one on the right is the same tree after it fell. Had the body still been on the old chassis when it happened, clearly the dream would have been over. Please see the post immediately prior to this one for detailed photos.

click on photo for larger view

As I remarked to a friend the other day, only half-jokingly, I have to believe my truck was spared in this incident because it is destined for great things. Like my lifelong dream of an epic coast to coast road trip and a slow roll up Cady Run to our 50th family reunion in Ohio next August, perhaps...

Of course, such dreams are not realized without a lot of hard work, dedication and help from others. I've got those first two things covered, and hopefully that's where y'all will come in. The image on the left above is one of many designs available in my Tee Public store. All the picture designs you'll see there started out as photos taken by yours truly, and there are many different styles and colors available for each design. If you could check out the link and perhaps make a purchase and/or simply share the link with friends, I would really appreciate it. I hope you'll also check out and share the links on the right here to my full short story, which not only documents the history of this truck in our family going back to the summer of 1981, but also reveals exactly why this project is a tribute in memory of my mother. Please feel free to contact me directly anytime with any questions, via the email link on the right here.

Thanks as always for stopping by... See y'all down the road!