Saturday, June 17, 2017

Makin' Space

Figured it was about time for a fresh blog post, since the last one was more than a month ago. Here's our current status: Jason is ready to bring the S10 here so I can take the body off and get the chassis cleaned up and ready for the '49 body to go on. The problem is the 1997 Saturn we have sitting in the driveway. Need to get rid of it to make room. I've been putting it out there and received some interest, but apparently the excitement level for a 20 year old car with 197,000 miles, that also needs a muffler and should have the brake lines replaced (because of some corrosion on them - although the brakes currently work well) is not very high.

The car starts right up and runs well, has a brand new battery, and the headlights, brake lights and turn signals are all working. I'm going to try a little longer to sell it, but thinking we might have to just donate it to a worthy cause to get it out of here. Need to sell it within the state of Connecticut so we can use just a bill of sale, since we can't find the title. Any interested parties please email me directly from the link on the right of the page here. Asking $750, negotiable.

Finally, just a reminder about the new t-shirt store... TeePublic is much more user friendly than the other retailer I was using, and their finished product looks fantastic. I've got 18 designs up so far, with more to come. All picture designs began as photos taken by yours truly. Many non-truck related designs as well. Multiple colors and shirt styles available, and the store also features mugs, notebooks and stickers. I hope you'll check it out, and of course feel free to share...

Thanks as always for stopping, see y'all down the road!