Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Still Here!

Please accept my apology for the long period of inactivity here. No excuse, really. Just kept forgetting. I've planned on it a million times, then suddenly a squirrel would run by and I'd be off in another direction...

I've been helping Jason at the shop (Custom Conversions in New Milford, CT), where we'll very soon be swapping in new urethane bushings for the S10 chassis and setting the '49 body on the S10 chassis. I won't be able to do the epic cross country run this year, but the plan is to drive the truck out to our 50th family reunion in Ohio this August. Can't wait to rock the 4.3 liter V6 five speed, with modern suspension, power steering and brakes, heat and AC! It's gonna be a total blast.

Took this photo yesterday morning, to mark 21 days to spring. Then last night I was playing with different effects and came up with the "ink sketch" look, which I like...

Thanks as always for stopping by. See y'all down the road!