Sunday, January 4, 2015

2015: Year of the Truck

Anyone who has ever undertaken a total amateur project like this knows things never go as planned. When we first got it running three and a half years ago, I figured I'd be cruisin' soon after. But then I realized that the rear end was leaking on both sides, two of the brake drums were so warped they couldn't be turned, I needed a new front panel and stake pockets for the bed, and in my wallet was little more than some lint and a bunch of old business cards. I was unemployed at the time and the money wasn't there, so all that stuff would just have to wait. For a while.

The job situation has finally stabilized somewhat, but it's still not what it needs to be to maintain the every day bills and this project. I'm currently working on expanding my commercial driver's license with the hope of opening up new (and better paying) opportunities. In the meantime, I've thankfully been able to free up a few bucks here and there and we've been inching toward that monumental first drive, which WILL happen this spring.

Here's what's left on the to do list:
1 – Mount new dual feed master cylinder, run brake lines, finish brake job
2 – New battery
3 – Registration and insurance
4 – Drive

If the price is right there might be a new rear end in the mix to give us five lugs all the way around (5 lug front disc kit is already installed), but that does not need to happen before we take the first drive.

And that's pretty much where we're at. I have to say how much I appreciate the interest people are showing in our little adventure here, especially the sudden explosive growth of our Facebook fan base. One week ago we had just under 450 fans. This morning as I type that number is over 1100, and I did not pay a dime to get them. It only happened because some very cool people who manage a few pages with much larger audiences decided to share the John's Old Truck page. So once again, a big time thanks to those new friends and everyone who has hopped on board with us.

Stay tuned and we'll see ya down the road!