Saturday, March 3, 2012

Looking Up


Funny how these days happen. Yesterday was not only the 48th anniversary of the day I made my grand entrance into this world, but also one that was very productive. It started with plans being made to meet a friend from New York who owns a couple of radio stations and has some side work for me. I then spent the morning building a new 8 foot square platform for the basement, which I will use for the new workout program I'm starting on Monday. The plan is to have a better body at 50 than I did in my mid 20's.

Basement work finished, I came upstairs to have some lunch and check email. Among the messages was one from a friend who forwarded a lead on some freelance voice work. I submitted my demo, as I have done dozens upon dozens of times with both radio and freelance gigs over the last 16 months with a near zero response rate, and went through the rest of my mail. Maybe an hour later my phone beeped and there was a message saying they liked my demo and that I am now on their short list. Thought that was pretty cool.

It wasn't much later when my phone rang with an unfamiliar number. On the other end was a woman wanting to book the Traveling Danburys (of which I am one) for a private party. She said we came highly recommended from a friend of hers who had been to one of our gigs. Thought that was VERY cool, but the day wasn't done yet.

In yet another rarity, our land line rang shortly before 5pm with a call that actually was not from a telemarketer(!), but the CEO of a local company I applied with at a career fair early this week. I'll be meeting with him Tuesday afternoon. This will be a great job if I'm lucky enough to get it. Not just because it will be a lot of fun, but also because the building is only about five miles from home. A major plus with the way gas prices are going. And of course, the prospect of decent paying full time work means we'll be able to keep moving ahead with the truck project.

The day ended in a booth at a Danbury sports bar that offers free wings on your birthday, with me and my best bud chowing on four dozen of them (one for each of my 48 years) and washing it down with a couple pitchers of beer.

It was a great day to have one of the best days I've had in a long time...