Sunday, April 9, 2017

Video "Interview" - Can We Get This Thing on TV?

Living the epic road trip dream won't be nearly as simple as getting the truck in good enough shape and hitting the highway. In addition to mapping it out, we'll need to have a plan for lodging, time away from work and a good idea of cost for the whole adventure. My initial time frame thought is at least six weeks, but I don't really know for sure because I've never done this before. Could be that the price tag is too steep, or the company I work for won't agree to the time off or even guarantee me a job when I get back. There are a lot of things to think about. Of course, if we could drum up some interest among tv execs and possibly get the story on the air in the form of a reality show, perhaps most if not all of these issues would be taken care of.

I've never pitched a reality tv show idea before either, so I have no idea of the right way to go about it. But I do know that if you make no effort whatsoever, failure is guaranteed. A friend suggested the "interview" concept of the video below. I liked the idea, so here it is. If you like it I hope you'll share, and hopefully at some point the right people will see it...

As always, thanks for stopping by! See y'all down the road...


Sunday, April 2, 2017

Old Rides and Road Trip Prep

I stopped by to see Jason at Custom Conversions this week, just down the road from our house here in New Milford, CT. He had the '56 Pontiac he recently bought to use as a family car up on the lift, and we chatted about his plans for it. Pretty much just the basics, at least initially, to make it safe and road worthy. Very solid car.

Jason's '56 Pontiac

We also talked about dressing up the 4.3 liter engine on the S10, to make it look a little more traditional after we get the '49 body swapped onto the S10 chassis. It's not some big honkin' V8, but I don't need that. I could tell just by driving the truck onto the trailer and then to its current storage spot that it's got plenty of power for me. I'm not going to rule out swapping in a small block V8 at some point, but for now the V6 will do just fine.

I love hanging out in the front office part of Jason's shop, where the walls and shelves are adorned with a bunch of cool old stuff, including many references to Route 66. And speaking of that, the mail lady brought me a little bit of Christmas in March the other day...

Turn by turn and where to eat and sleep on the Mother Road

Several pieces will need to fall into place to make the dream trip happen in conjunction with our 50th family reunion in August 2018, but I figured it would be a good idea to start planning ahead regardless...

Thanks for stopping by! See y'all down the road!