Sunday, October 20, 2013

You Can Never Have Too Many T-Shirts

As it usually goes with amateur projects like this one, money (or lack thereof, more accurately) is always the biggest issue. Finally working a day job again, but still running in the red just trying to keep the day to day stuff taken care of. Forget having anything extra to put toward the truck. Of course, many others are struggling similarly in this economy. But we can't let that keep us from pursuing our dreams. The steps may be pretty small these days, but as long as they're headed in a positive direction we can still call it progress.

To be honest, I never felt quite right about the donation link. There are so many causes out there in far greater need of help than some schmuck trying to restore his old truck. It hadn't brought anything in anyway (unsurprisingly), so removing it was not exactly a tough call.

This week I have spent every spare minute (including about 12 straight hours yesterday) updating the John's Old Truck Shop with new designs and a new layout, and creating an entirely new Cafe Press shop called Uncle John's Tees, which is aimed at a more general audience. The new shop does feature one "Old Truck" design, which serves as a link to both the full Old Truck Shop and this page. I have each shop set up with a 10% markup.

If you see something you like and can spare a few bucks, I would sincerely appreciate the help. But you can also help without spending a dime, by simply sharing the links with friends. Of course, that also would be greatly appreciated. We're agonizingly close to putting this thing on the road, and with a little luck I will finally drive it for the first time come spring 2014. I rode in it many times when my brother owned it back in the early 80's, but never had the pleasure of being behind the wheel. That will happen soon enough though, and it will be a great day...