Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy New Year


Wherever you are, whatever your dreams, I hope the new year brings you everything you hope for. My dreams include getting my truck on the road again, of course, which WILL happen come springtime. But I also hope for a better year for all who need it so badly. Many are suffering in many ways as a result of the horrible economy. My sincere hope is that things will really turn around and we'll be able to spend more time actually enjoying life instead of struggling to get by.

As hard as it can sometimes be in times like these, we need to remember to seek out and accentuate the positive. I'm a firm believer not just in the power of positive thought, but also the power of positive action in the effort to realize your dreams. This doesn't mean ignore the bad stuff, just don't dwell on it. Acknowledge the problems, determine what it will take to make them go away, and set out with a positive attitude to make it happen.

The unquestionable highlight of this year was of course July 9th, the day we got the truck running again for the first time since 1984. And again I need to thank my friends Jim, Brian, Mike and Tim, my brothers Peter and Chris, my niece and nephews and my better half Meg all for being such a big part of it. And of course many thanks once again to everybody who has taken the time to watch the video and share it. Looking forward to the day we make the next one!

Please have a happy and safe holiday and we'll see you next week with the first post of 2012!


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amazed and Appreciative


I hadn't seen the view total on the Old Truck Runs Again video for a several weeks when I logged in to check during the second week in November. It was a pleasant surprise to see it up over 1400. Out of curiosity I decided to start a daily tally. Every day since, with only a few exceptions, the video has been getting 80-100 views. And some days it's a lot more. Over the past 24 hours, for example, we've had 150 views. As of this writing, the overall total is 5547. I posted the video on July 10th, 2011, the day after we got the truck running.

It might not be anywhere near as popular as things like Lady Gaga, a dog riding a skateboard or the girl who gets a gazillion views with videos on how to apply makeup, but I'm still very happy and appreciative that people like it and are sharing it. If you're one of those people, thank you!

So the countdown to that first day of Spring continues, when the cover comes off and we set about finishing the job of getting this thing road ready. As it stands we're really close. I have two good break drums, but it's probably a better idea to go new with those all the way around, so that's the plan as soon as I can spare the cha-ching. Also need new bearings for the front, then we'll be ready to put it all together and I will finally be able to drive this truck for the first time, after being in love with it for 30 years. And that, of course, will mean another video.

Stay tuned!


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catalog Dreams


The daily afternoon routine of feeding the dogs and taking them out includes a trip to the mailbox. It's always right around 5pm, which of course this time of year means it's already dark, so I just grab what's there and sort it out on the kitchen table. A couple of days ago as I reached into the mailbox I felt a very thick booklet that was not packaged. Clearly a catalog, which is certainly not surprising for mid December.

As I walked back down the dark driveway carrying this catalog that was as thick as a small phone book, a few random thoughts came to mind:

"Wow, somebody sure has a lot of sweaters to sell."

"Great! 200 pages of ceramic frogs and bobble head Santas!"

"I knew that Publisher's Clearinghouse entry would comeback to haunt me. I wonder how many useless $2 gadgets that sell for four easy payments of $5.99 are in this this thing."

Imagine my excitement when I finally reached the light of the kitchen and saw what I was actually holding:

The 2012 truck catalog from Chevs of the 40's!

I'm about half way through it, coming up with all kinds of things I want for the truck. Now all I need is a little lottery mojo...

I love this time of year!


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Only Thing I Want for Christmas

A garage.

Okay, maybe some new socks too. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing the socks are a better bet.

Putting the cover on the truck is no fun. I would much rather have a big garage, with room enough to set the bed and cab aside so I can get to work on the frame with some rust remover and a few wire brush attachments for the drill. I could also do the brakes on the rear (already have all the stuff) without having to worry about leaving everything out in the elements, get the engine and the engine compartment all cleaned up, get the original horn button working... There's plenty that can be done for next to nothing.

Thankfully, things are looking up on the job front. I've picked up some part time work at our local radio station (radio is my profession - more than 20 years on the air), and I've applied for a great local job outside of radio that I think I've got a good shot at. With a little luck, springtime will bring a much improved financial situation and we'll be able to move full steam ahead on the truck project.

Now that I think about it, actually, looks like that job would be the best Christmas present of all...