Sunday, February 28, 2016

Movin' the Power

The battery was easy enough to install in the original location, under the cab on the passenger side. Just dropped it in and hooked it up. The problem came when I tried to remove it for the winter. The space is so tight that I couldn't get my hands around it. Had to snake a little strap through to lift it out. Which pretty much cemented the idea of relocation, which Alex and I had already been talking about anyway. Moving the battery to the firewall would not just provide easier access, but also an easier way to secure it for driving.

Lower right - Original battery access cover

Went with a shiny new battery tray for the '76-'86 Jeep CJ7. About $30 plus shipping. And with 21 days to go before Spring arrives, the hood will go up today for the first time in 2016...

New battery tray has arrived

See y'all down the road!