Sunday, September 21, 2014

Officially Disc

Great to have my friends Steve and Ed at the house yesterday. Thanks to them, the disc brake kit is fully installed.

The day included my mad dash to three different auto parts stores, as I hunted for the castle nut and washer we needed. Kind of important, since they hold the entire assembly on the spindle. The local NAPA had one nut/washer combo on the shelf, and the total including a few cotter pins came to $7.11. I figured it was all a sign of good luck.

Looks like we'll be sitting through another winter before taking that first drive though, since Steve's lift is outdoors and it's almost October. Fabricating the new master cylinder mount and running the lines will take him a couple of days and he doesn't want to get caught in bad weather. So while I'm disappointed that I won't actually be taking that first drive soon, I still think it's pretty cool that the old truck is now rockin' front disc brakes!


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