Monday, September 29, 2014

A Little Wood Work

Took the bed wood over to Pete's this evening to run it through his router. Since I flipped it and made the underside the new top, we needed to cut the grooves for the metal pieces, which I didn't think to do before I refinished the wood. I'll hit the grooves with the stain and polyurethane before we put the bed together. This is the garage, by the way, where the truck sat for 20 years before we made our deal about 10 years ago.

And while going through his stuff in preparation for my visit, Pete found a real gem. the actual sales receipt for the router, which dad bought for him as a birthday present in 1980. If you look closely you can see the date - 9/15/80.

I think it's pretty cool that 34 years later, and 30 years after he passed away, Dad has a hand in the restoration of this truck. As Pete said tonight, "The story continues." Indeed it does, big brother. Thank you.


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