Wednesday, December 7, 2011

The Only Thing I Want for Christmas

A garage.

Okay, maybe some new socks too. Call me crazy, but I'm guessing the socks are a better bet.

Putting the cover on the truck is no fun. I would much rather have a big garage, with room enough to set the bed and cab aside so I can get to work on the frame with some rust remover and a few wire brush attachments for the drill. I could also do the brakes on the rear (already have all the stuff) without having to worry about leaving everything out in the elements, get the engine and the engine compartment all cleaned up, get the original horn button working... There's plenty that can be done for next to nothing.

Thankfully, things are looking up on the job front. I've picked up some part time work at our local radio station (radio is my profession - more than 20 years on the air), and I've applied for a great local job outside of radio that I think I've got a good shot at. With a little luck, springtime will bring a much improved financial situation and we'll be able to move full steam ahead on the truck project.

Now that I think about it, actually, looks like that job would be the best Christmas present of all...



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