Thursday, December 22, 2011

Amazed and Appreciative


I hadn't seen the view total on the Old Truck Runs Again video for a several weeks when I logged in to check during the second week in November. It was a pleasant surprise to see it up over 1400. Out of curiosity I decided to start a daily tally. Every day since, with only a few exceptions, the video has been getting 80-100 views. And some days it's a lot more. Over the past 24 hours, for example, we've had 150 views. As of this writing, the overall total is 5547. I posted the video on July 10th, 2011, the day after we got the truck running.

It might not be anywhere near as popular as things like Lady Gaga, a dog riding a skateboard or the girl who gets a gazillion views with videos on how to apply makeup, but I'm still very happy and appreciative that people like it and are sharing it. If you're one of those people, thank you!

So the countdown to that first day of Spring continues, when the cover comes off and we set about finishing the job of getting this thing road ready. As it stands we're really close. I have two good break drums, but it's probably a better idea to go new with those all the way around, so that's the plan as soon as I can spare the cha-ching. Also need new bearings for the front, then we'll be ready to put it all together and I will finally be able to drive this truck for the first time, after being in love with it for 30 years. And that, of course, will mean another video.

Stay tuned!


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