Thursday, December 15, 2011

Catalog Dreams


The daily afternoon routine of feeding the dogs and taking them out includes a trip to the mailbox. It's always right around 5pm, which of course this time of year means it's already dark, so I just grab what's there and sort it out on the kitchen table. A couple of days ago as I reached into the mailbox I felt a very thick booklet that was not packaged. Clearly a catalog, which is certainly not surprising for mid December.

As I walked back down the dark driveway carrying this catalog that was as thick as a small phone book, a few random thoughts came to mind:

"Wow, somebody sure has a lot of sweaters to sell."

"Great! 200 pages of ceramic frogs and bobble head Santas!"

"I knew that Publisher's Clearinghouse entry would comeback to haunt me. I wonder how many useless $2 gadgets that sell for four easy payments of $5.99 are in this this thing."

Imagine my excitement when I finally reached the light of the kitchen and saw what I was actually holding:

The 2012 truck catalog from Chevs of the 40's!

I'm about half way through it, coming up with all kinds of things I want for the truck. Now all I need is a little lottery mojo...

I love this time of year!


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