Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Classic Roars Back to Life

We've all seen our share of old junkers, sitting in that same spot on the side of the road or maybe out on Grandpa's farm, sinking into the ground a little more with each passing year, maybe a tree growing up through the bed. They become local landmarks - "Yeah, hang a left by the old truck and we're a half mile down on the right"... Sad site to be sure. There was a time when every one of these old things still had potential. We joked about my truck becoming one of those sad stories when we finally had to bring it here to the house and park it out on the edge of the driveway, saying we'd fill the bed with dirt, plant flowers and put a scarecrow in the driver's seat. As you know if you read the previous post, however, this truck means far too much for me to ever let that happen.

By October 2010 I had done everything necessary to take a shot at getting it running. It wouldn't be ready to drive since the entire brake system needed to be re-done, but getting it fired up once again would certainly be a major step toward "takin' 'er down the road." Here's how it all went down:

The project has been proceeding in sort of a herky-jerky motion, since unemployment means there is rarely any money to spare. But finally today the drums went to the machine shop to be turned (hopefully - if they're in good enough shape), and I ordered the shoes, which should be here Friday. If that happens, we just might see this truck roll under its own power this weekend, for the first time since 1984. Stay tuned!



Anonymous said...

Stovebolts forever!!! An inline six so good Toyota had to copy it. They did a fine job, too but the original is still the best, so to speak.
Bob Schaeffer

John Perry said...

Thanks Bob! A great motor indeed. Been starting it a couple times per week since we got it going. Fires right up every time. But I have to say that if money were no object, I would love to drop a nice GM V8 in there...