Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Almost Ready to Roll

We're really close, and with a little luck we'll be going for a drive soon. A little setback with the brake drums last week. I sent them to be turned and two of them were bad. So I'm on the hunt for one good front drum and one good rear drum. I know I should probably be looking for four all new, but I'm on a super-tight budget and at this point I just want to get the truck on the road before it snows again. Going to check on another possible source today.

A quick shout out to some new friends:

Hilton lives in Canada, and has his own custom/restoration shop. He says he'll have a website up for his business before long, and I will definitely share it here. His work wins awards regularly. You definitely need to check it out. He responded to a post I made in one of the truck forums regarding my broken floor starter mechanism. I couldn't find one anywhere. It's probably the one thing that none of my catalogs offers. Hilton went out to one of his parts trucks, pulled off the part, boxed it up and sent it to me free of charge. Even paid the shipping. I couldn't believe it. As a thank you I sent him a shirt and mug from The Old Truck Shop. Check out the link for shirts, hats, mugs and a bunch of other stuff with a picture of my truck. Such kindness and generosity really helps to restore your faith in what can sometimes seem like a pretty cold world. Thanks again my friend!

Thanks also to Jonathan, Ross and everybody at Premier Street Rods, who left a nice comment on my first blog post, and have offered advice for this restoration rank amateur whenever I need it. Check out their site and some of the amazing work they do.

And Michael and Tyler from MyRod.Com, who also do some awesome stuff. I sent Michael an email to ask a couple of questions, and as busy as he is he took the time to write back with a detailed response.

It's one of the great aspects of being involved with restoring a classic. There are always plenty of nice people willing to help. Very cool!


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Jonathan said...

Hope you get it on the road soon! Thanks for the mention!