Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Saturday in the Life

Perfect driving weather yesterday. After a quick run down the hill to gas up and grab some feed for our chickens, it was a 40-45 minute cruise over the back roads to Brewster to say hi to my friend and main mechanical man Alex. I was telling him what a hard time I was having trying to find an 80's S-10 pickup transmission for the planned drivetrain swap, and we talked about possible alternatives to getting 5 lug wheels on the rear and achieving the decent highway cruising speed I want for this old farm truck. Turns out that we can keep the 3 speed transmission and probably just swap in new gears and custom axles for the existing rear end to get where we want to be. He gave me some homework, though. I need to open up that rear end to find out exactly what gears are in there, which will be a little after work project in the coming week. The learning process continues. In the meantime, some photos from yesterday's travels...

Chicken feed stop

Quick Candlewood Lake photo op

Alex had the Firebird out yesterday

Rt. 37 in Sherman, on the way back to New Milford

Saturday fave: John and dad Larry saying hi at the Sycamore

When the sun gets low, almost time to go

All in all, a great Saturday. Thanks for stopping to take a look. See y'all down the road!


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