Sunday, August 2, 2015

Rear View

Yesterday was a truck day from start to finish. The new splash aprons (the pieces between the cab and rear fenders) that arrived Friday went on, as did the rear fender braces I've had forever but found just yesterday while searching for primer. Also finished an update of the rear bumper, and thought it would be a good idea to explain what people who roll up behind us in traffic are looking at. Click on the photo for a larger view...

Mom & Dad - This project has always been a tribute to Mom, who died tragically just as the truck came into the family in August of 1981. Two and a half years later, in February 1984, Dad was diagnosed with cancer. He passed away in July that year. Suddenly, just barely out of my teens, I was truly on my own. It was a little scary as I recall, but thankfully I had found direction in a radio career that was just beginning. Funny how it took years for some of it to finally sink in, but Mom and Dad taught me a lot.

Be Kind - The logo for Arizona based Ben's Bells, a non profit organization with the mission of spreading kindness. One of their programs had already been brought to a Newtown school, and after the Sandy Hook tragedy when so many were seeking them out, they decided to add a second location in Newtown. They have since outgrown that space, and are in the process of opening their new location in Bethel. Please check out their website to learn more.

LT - Liz Teed, another loved one lost to tragedy in November 2014. Lizzy, as I always called her, was first a classmate way back in the day, then sister-in-law to my better half. When Meg was doing her "due diligence" on me 15 years ago, it was Liz who recalled those school days and put in the good word. I'll always remember her as one of the warmest, kindest people I have ever known, and I'm sure it came quite naturally to her to be involved with Ben's Bells.

S.H.E.S. - Sandy Hook Elementary School, about a 15 minute drive from our house. The loss of 26 perfectly innocent souls in December 2012 will forever be hard to fathom. Just my small way honoring those souls, and showing support for their loved ones and the community.

The rest pretty much speaks for itself. It may have taken 34 years, but I am indeed living the dream every time I take this thing down the road. And the best part is we're just getting started. At the top of the bucket list is a ground up restoration, followed by a cross country road trip featuring a full length run of Route 66. Not sure exactly how we'll get there, but then again I wasn't sure how we'd get on the road either. I just hope it doesn't take another 34 years... ;-)

Please feel free to say hi via email anytime. Thanks for riding along!


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