Sunday, July 12, 2015

First Show, First Award

Never mind the fact that mine was one of only two in the pre-1950 truck category, or that the '48 Chevy they wanted to give the award to had already left. At its first official show appearance yesterday, John's Old Truck won its first award!

My friend Jim (on the right), who helped to run the event for the Warren Volunteer Fire Department, SWEARS he had nothing to do with it. I think he convinced the other guy to leave early.

Honestly, awards never have been and never will be the goal with this truck. After dreaming about it for 34 years, there is no greater award than just driving the thing. That said, I still got a kick out of it. I was just disappointed that I didn't have a speech prepared...

The first new fire truck ever purchased by the town of Warren - A beautiful 1946 Dodge

Hangin' with some gorgeous rides at Warren Wooods

And that was just the start of a great day. After 3 weeks off because of bad weather and the Fourth of July holiday, the Sycamore cruise night in Bethel was packed...

It had been a long time, but this truck is no stranger to the roads of the old home town. Just getting to cruise night is as much fun as being there. I spend most of my time with the truck to chat with people, but over the course of the evening I'll also walk a few laps around the parking lot to check out the various rides. Here's a beautiful '57 Chevy truck making its first Sycamore appearance yesterday:

My second favorite Chevy truck model. If I'm ever able to build my dream garage, you can count on a '57 being in it. But we'll leave the chickens in the coop...

And as the sun started to set on another fine day, it was time to make my exit to avoid blinding other drivers with my high beam only headlights. Something else for the repair list...

See y'all down the road!


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