Sunday, April 19, 2015

Great day yesterday! I'm very lucky and appreciative to have friends who actually know what they're doing. With major thanks to friends Alex Jim, the truck now sports new wiring from the firewall back, with tail lights, turn indicators and the horn all good to go...

"Okay John, which junior high home economics class did this wiring job?"

With the wiring being far more involved than originally thought, we didn't get to the rear brakes. Hopefully soon. If need be, I can attach the wheel cylinders myself so we can at least get the truck on the lift to run the lines and add the new master cylinder. But with zero brake job experience, I'm thinking I should probably have some help putting the shoes on. After all, being able to stop is kind of important...

One way or another, we'll git 'er done and be ready to roll for the big day on May 30th.

Alex underneath, Jim up top, feeding the wires

Tail lights just about ready to rock

Alex tries out the driver's seat

Wrappin' it all up with a couple cold ones - Thanks again, friends!


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