Monday, April 27, 2015

Closer to Stopping

We all have our faults. One of mine is the occasional tendency to over-think things. With the rear brakes in pieces and no instructions despite hours upon hours of searching online, I was more than a little worried that I wouldn't have them done in time for the big day on May 30th. I could have easily found someone to do them for me, but the more I thought about it the more I wanted to get it done myself. After all, this is John's old truck. And my friends have done so much for me already. I really needed to put the big boy pants on and get to work.

After taking a couple days to not think about it, I went out and gave all the parts a good cleanup.

Then I grabbed all the pictures I had printed, took a deep breath, and went to it. And suddenly, like the childhood moment when you realized you could ride a bike without falling over, it all started making sense.

Big thanks to my friend and fellow '49 Chevy truck owner Richie for stopping by to check my work and bringing with him a couple of tools I didn't have so we could get everything on. Just some adjusting left to do, then we can make it a roller and get it over to Steve's lift for the install of the new master cylinder and brake lines.

We're gettin' there...


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