Friday, April 25, 2014

Old Wheel Update

As a total restoration amateur, I have to say it's great to have friends who actually know what they're doing. Took a little ride to see Alex over at Lex's Customs today. He did the fix for me on one of the front wheels, which had been rusting around the valve stem area. Alex filled in the old hole and the small area around it that had been deteriorating, then drilled a new one in a different spot. He's also taking care of attaching the new angle pieces to the inside of the bed panels. They're pretty much done except for a little grinding of the new welds. Many thanks once again to my friend Alex for all his help.

So now I can do the final cleanup on the front wheels and get them ready for paint, then all four will be ready for tires. The rears are already painted and ready to rock. Just finished them up today. I was expecting the "dark steel" paint to be a little darker, but I think this looks pretty good. Not looking to score any fashion points anyway. Just wanted to clean them up and ultimately have something that can get us down the road for a while...


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