Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pressing Forward


Just wondering... Isn't there always about six weeks of winter left regardless of whether that silly groundhog sees his shadow? I've never understood that whole ritual. Maybe we'll go pay that little guy a visit to see what he's all about after we get the truck on the road.

Another tough setback on the job front this week. Missed out on the radio gig I was going for. I had been told I was one of the top three, but they're going with one of the others. It was very difficult to hear that news, especially after working so hard to get the job. But as I've learned over the years in these situations, extended wallowing in the misery of it all only serves to cloud your forward vision. Have a little fit if you need to, then shake it off and move on.

Of course, the continuing lack of full time work means there won't be much we can do when we take the cover off, but we'll at least be able to charge the battery and hear the sweet sound of that old Stove Bolt engine doing its thing. And that alone will make things at least a little better...


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