Friday, February 17, 2012

Spreadin' The Word


As regular readers know, I've been without a full time job for quite a while now. Since November 5th of 2010, to be exact. I have applied for countless radio jobs of course, since that's where I have the most experience (over 20 years on the air, 5 years in major markets). But I'm also well aware that because of automation technology and industry consolidation there are FAR fewer radio gigs to be had these days than when I started in the 80's, which means applying outside the radio biz as well, which I have done many times on this job quest.

I wouldn't call this a last ditch effort to save the radio dream, but we could be close to that reality. A few days ago I got an idea for a new demo from an ad I saw in the radio classifieds, which called for a demo no more than two minutes in length. I had always done demos that ranged anywhere from three and a half to around six minutes, but figured I might as well try a two minute deal. Nothing to lose.

Here is the result. It's the video version, but I also have the mp3 available for anyone who wants it.

Ah, but now how to promote this new demo? It's posted in the radio trades of course, but I wanted to reach out beyond the normal sphere of influence, exposing it to people who might have some relevant connection but who would otherwise not see or hear it. Then it hit me: The Old Truck Runs Again video has been getting 200-plus hits every day for months. Why not change the annotations, put a link to it in the video info there and ask people to check it out and share it? After all, all kinds of people like old trucks, right? Maybe one of them is a radio honcho who likes what he or she hears, or an agency person looking for just the right voice for a big project (the channel where the radio demo is posted also features my voiceover demo, which is also posted on the right of this page), or maybe someone who does business with them.

Who knows? Sometimes it's the oddest of connections that leads to the biggest of breaks.


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