Friday, January 13, 2012

Still Job Huntin'


Three strong indications that winter has officially settled in: The weather mavens are calling for low temperatures in the single digits this weekend, we might see some snow, and the winter edition of the LMC Truck catalog has arrived! Those of you familiar with LMC know that you can get a catalog specific to your make and model of truck, and each new issue features a different truck from your category on the cover. This time around it's a very nice '59. Might have to add one of those to my fleet whenever I grow up and make my millions.

Speaking of makin' the millions, I was hoping to have some news on the job front this week but nothing to report yet. Hopefully very soon. Of course in this economy the job market is extremely competitive. I don't know how many have applied for the radio gig I auditioned for on Sunday, or how many are actually in the running, but I'm sure there's plenty of competition there. And on Monday I was one of somewhere around 120-130 people taking the first test for a single emergency dispatcher position. I'd say the chances of getting the radio job are much better, only because they certainly don't have the time to be auditioning 130 people! Still waiting for an answer though, probably because there are several people who have to sign off before the hire, and of course regular business must continue in the meantime.

Some very nice numbers on the Old Truck Runs Again video this week. 191 views over the last 24 hours, 179 yesterday, and we're over the 8,000 mark! Lovin' it!

Until next week...


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