Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dream Prep Rolls On

The rain falls as I type at 6am, thankful that I got the lawn done last evening but hoping it stops so I can get out in the driveway and spend the day working on the S10. Today's goal is to get the rear portion of the chassis sandblasted and ready for paint. If time allows I'll also pull the hood and front fenders for access to the front part of the frame, and use a heavy canvas tarp to keep the engine covered. The cab will stay in place, probably until the truck goes down the road to Custom Conversions here in New Milford (CT) for the body swap. We'll finish the chassis cleanup there and the remaining S10 body parts, which are in very good shape (the 26 year old truck was obviously well taken care of) will be sold off.

Two trucks in the driveway will be one before long...

One week from today we'll gather on the family farm in New Matamoras, Ohio for our 49th reunion. For readers who may not be familiar with the story, the goal is to drive this thing coast to coast next summer and roll in to our 50th reunion next August, returning the truck to the place I saw it for the very first time as a teenager in 1981, in loving tribute to Mom, Dad and all those family members who have passed on but are surely always there with us in spirit.

1st reunion, August 1969 - Yours truly second from left, front row

Please see the various links to the full story on the right side of the page here. If you are so inclined to help this overgrown boy live the dream, I would be truly grateful. Thanks as always for stopping by. See y'all down the road!


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