Monday, September 26, 2016

Johnny's Carburetor Lesson

And the education continues... This weekend I learned that the carburetor should remain upright at all times while detached from the motor. Because mine didn't after I picked it up from being rebuilt on Friday, the needle that controls fuel flow into the carb became dislodged and it was literally overflowing. Thankfully, Jason from Custom Conversions in New Milford (who rebuilt the carb) was able to stop by and help us out. I'm sure it's the last place his wife and son wanted to be while they were out and about on Saturday, and I'm very appreciative of their patience while Jason took the time to figure out our problem.

So the carburetor is now good to go, but we also discovered this weekend that the water pump is definitely bad. It had been leaking when we first got the new motor running and I was hoping the new gasket install would do the trick, but the leak is still there. Ordered up the new pump, which should be here by Thursday or Friday. Hopefully we'll be taking a drive next weekend, as we welcome in October.

Thanks for stopping by! See y'all down the road!


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