Sunday, June 12, 2016

Cruisin' and Showin'

I don't take the truck out during the week very often, but Thursday was an exception. Drove it to work in Danbury, then to the Wooster Hollow Diner in Ridgefield to be part of their new Thursday evening cruise. Not a huge turnout (about a dozen), but I think smaller events can provide a better opportunity to connect with other enthusiasts. Instead of wandering around a parking lot packed with classics, you're spending more time chatting and getting the stories behind the rides.

Like the beautiful '70 Olds 442 that I had seen at least a couple times previously at other events. Karen's husband had lovingly restored it for her, with impeccable attention to detail. Sadly, he passed away last year. She now shows it in his honor.

And Tom's '66 Mustang, which he rescued about ten years ago, rebuilt (including a ton of metal work), then rebuilt again after a reckless driver spun him around on the highway and he t-boned a Cadillac.

Everyone has a story, and I love to hear them.

Thursday at Wooster Hollow

Second time out this week came yesterday, with the Steel & Wheels show at the Danbury Railway Museum. It was pretty cool driving in and parking among all the old train cars. A nice variety of gorgeous classic rides as well. My favorite was the '59 Impala. A nice turnout despite the clouds, and we did have a brief shower, but still a great time overall.

My fave from yesterday - '59 Impala

Just hangin' at the train yard

Turns out that the transmission we thought we were going to use is not the right one and won't work, so the search is back on for an 80's S-10 two wheel drive 6 cylinder 5 speed (T-5). Hoping to find one within a reasonable driving distance of the Danbury, CT area. We're doing the rear end/tranny swap to make the truck more highway friendly (right now she struggles to reach 50 mph and screams like crazy at top speed), to enable longer drives and going to events outside our immediate area. Please feel free to email me directly if you have or know of a T-5 that would work for my truck.

Thanks as always for stopping by. See y'all down the road!


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