Sunday, November 2, 2014

Going For It

Having just purchased this 1949 Chevy in Missouri in the summer of 1981, my brother Pete was on the way back with it when Mom died tragically. I saw the truck for the first time literally minutes before we heard the awful news. As you might imagine, these events created a strong emotional attachment to this old pickup that will never be broken. For as long as I walk this earth, there is no amount of money that will buy this truck.

The effort to get it back on the road has always been a tribute my mother's memory, free spirit and sense of adventure. I know she'll be riding shotgun regardless, but she would have absolutely loved the idea of a cross country/Route 66 road trip, which will not be possible without a full restoration. I know she would have also loved the regular jaunts we're planning to area car shows and cruise nights, and the idea of documenting our travels with an online video series.

And with that, on what would have been Mom's 83rd birthday, I'd like to announce the official launch of the John's Old Truck Kickstarter project. We've got 30 days to raise the money that will make the dream a reality, and would love to have you riding along!

Please see the project page for full details, including backer rewards and complete financial breakdown. And just to be clear, because many have asked: No money will actually be collected unless the $35,000 goal is reached through pledges before the 30 day deadline.

Feel free to email me directly anytime with any questions or comments:

Thank you!

John's Old Truck Kickstarter Project Page


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