Thursday, October 9, 2014

Bed and Brakes

I had been holding off on putting the bed back on the truck so it would be easier to run the new brake line, but since we'll be on Steve's lift when it gets done the bed won't be in the way. So this week I've started reassembly.

I got about that far when I said to myself "You know what? that front cross member doesn't look right. Maybe I should try to find some actual instructions on how to do this." I know the experienced guys are having a good laugh right now because putting the bed back together is probably the easiest thing to do, but keep in mind I'm a total amateur who, as I always say, knows just enough to get myself in trouble. I now have a bunch of pics printed that should allow me to have the bed done this weekend, if the weather cooperates on Saturday.

The disc brakes are good to go on the front, but I'd also like to have the rears done when it goes on the lift for the new master cylinder and brake lines. The trouble is the huck brakes haven't been used on new vehicles since 1950, so I'm having no luck finding detailed instructions. I went out there with some pics and tried to get started, quickly realizing that wasn't going to cut it. Need some help. Maybe I'll go on the hunt for an old school service station with an old timer sitting out front who can do huck brakes in his sleep...